"The World's Most Sophisticated Lock Simplifies Your Life"
- Forbes

See who's at your door

Live, real-time video is streamed immediately to your smartphone. Your videos can be stored and shared for up to 30 days with our Premier Service Plan.

Say hello and start a conversation

With two-way audio you can personally welcome guests or give last minute instructions to a service provider.

Keyless entry for trusted individuals

Give individuals you know and trust personalized PIN codes. You'll know exactly who comes and goes...and when.

Unlock your door remotely

Don't keep visitors waiting! Unlock your door remotely from your smartphone and let trusted visitors in!

How Gate is Different

30 Day Money Back Guarantee


Easy to use...Download the app and install Gate in minutes


Download the Gate App from either the App Store or Google Play Store.


Open up the app and follow the on-screen instructions to pair Gate with your phone.


Follow the instructions on to install Gate on your door.

“Great Smart Lock for Families!”

B. Hinkle, Amazon 5-Star Review

“Being able to quickly change codes on our phones has relived so much stress! We also go rid of our Ring doorbell, no need for that now! 10/10.”

D. Jones, Amazon 5-Star Review

“Getting push notifications when our
children arrive home safe gives us
peace of mind.”

M. Rodriguez, Amazon 5-Star Review

“Gate is an intuitive invention that seems it should have been here all along.”

“How the World's Most Sophisticated Lock Simplifies Your Life”

“Gate crams a slew of security features into a small smart lock.”

“a Swiss Army knife for home security”

“Gate is created for a world where 'verified trust' is the currency of the future.”

“Gate combines nearly every smart home feature in a minimalist deadbolt lock.”

“Gate feels necessary... rather than a gadget for geeks.”

“Lock or unlock your front door from anywhere.”

“Gate is designed to double as a smart lock and a real-time concierge.”

“Gate is the ultimate safety solution. To everything.”

“Gate brings your deadbolt into the 21st century.”

Now available on

Coming this July

Your kids will never be locked out again!

Website Exclusive: Save $150 when you purchase the Gate Smart Lock with our 2 year Service Plan.

Never miss an important package or service appointment again.

Website Exclusive: Save $150 when you purchase the Gate Smart Lock with our 2 year Service Plan.

Welcome your Airbnb guest securely from your smartphone.

Website Exclusive: Save $150 when you purchase the Gate Smart Lock with our 2 year Service Plan.

Website Exclusive: Save $150 when you purchase the Gate Smart Lock with our 2 year Service Plan.

Protect your family and home with the world’s first video smart lock.

Control everything from the palm of your hand.

You’ll see live streaming video of who’s at your door. You can say hello and chat awhile...or slide  to unlock your door and let them in!

All-in-one design - nothing else to buy or connect

Easy, DIY installation - no drilling or wiring required

Keyed deadbolt with 3 extra keys for emergencies

Gate is "the Swiss Army knife for home security."
- cnet

Tough, weather-resistant, die-cast metal housing with Satin Nickel finish

Motion activated video camera and two-way audio

Back-lit LED doorbell and keypad buttons

Rechargeable lithium ion battery 


Premier Plus Service Plan

Receives all Notifications

Video Sharing: 30 days

Real-time Video Streaming

Real-time 2-way Audio

Remote Lock and Unlock

Admin/Permanent Access: Unlimited

Scheduled Access: Unlimited

Video History: 30 days

Works on most exterior and interior doors


as Wi-Fi connection could be compromised and affect performance.





Limited Time Offer: Get the Gate Smart Lock for $199 with the purchase of a 2 Year Service Plan

$349 $199

Gate Smart Lock

The Best All-In-One Smart Lock now at the Best Price.



Premier Plus Service Plan

Our Best Service Plan including 30 days of videos, scheduled pins and more.




Choose the best set of features to protect your family and home